Monday, November 06, 2006

While I've Been Away . . .

Okay, over the past two weeks I've missed commenting on:

- CNN admitting to airing the Iraqi insurgents' propaganda videos intact;
- House Speaker-to-Be Nancy Pelosi announcing she will appoing a Congressman who was impeached as a judge to head the House Intelligence Committee;
- The New York Times' Public Editor admitting the newspaper was wrong to publish the details of the SWIFT anti-terror-financing program, a program the Times' editors had called for in an editorial five years earlier;
- The New York Times' verifying the authenticity of a trove of Iraqi Intelligence Service documents discovered since Iraq's liberation that confirm most elements of the Administration's claims about Iraq-Al Qaeda ties;
- John Kerry essentially calling soldiers serving in Iraq stupid (if only I'd applied myself and pursued two doctorates at Harvard . . .);
- And finally, the American media for the most part ignoring the significance of Saddam Hussein being convicted of crimes against humanity and being sentenced to hang, choosing to focus on the effect this will have on violence this weekend rather than FINALLY focusing on the million Iraqis he murdered.

The reason I've ignored these issues, as you can see below, was more pressing. Unfortunately, I'll return to my normally scheduled ranting sometime next week.