Friday, December 08, 2006

Gift Update

My colleague who is organizing the donation program for the Iraqi elementary school has provided me with an updated list of recommended items for the children (grades K-2):

- Crayons
- Markers
- Stickers
- Note books
- Rulers
- Calculators
- Small toys

Alternatively, you can send me items to distribute to the wounded troops here at the Combat Support Hospital in the International Zone.

Again, the address to send donations to is:

CPT Benjamin Runkle
MNF-I, Strategic Effects
Communications Division
APO AE 09316

P.S. I probably don't need to mention this, but if you are sending packages for the Iraqi children, please remember not to include any Christmas/Hanukkah decorations in the packaging. They are kind of sensitive about that sort of thing in this part of the world.