Sunday, June 25, 2006

"A publication written by traitors for an audience of idiots."

This is simply unbelievable.

The New York Times has publicized yet another highly classified anti-terror program against the government's wishes. This time they printed the details of a program that was unquestionably legal, that had been briefed to the appropriate Congressional leaders, that apparently did not risk the privacy of any individual American citizens, and that had a proven track record of impeding Al Qaeda's financial transactions.

(Well, at least until Al Qaeda reads about it in the New York Times, anyways. The terrorists now know which specific financial institutions and money transfer techniques to avoid. For a great summary of what intelligence the Times gave to Al Qaeda, see Andrew McCarthy's piece in the National Review Online.

As "Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds observes,
When you talk about military force, we're supposed to use law-enforcement and intelligence methods instead. But if you use law-enforcement and intelligence methods, people shout "Big Brother" and the Times runs stories exposing them.

Seriously, if one didn't know better, it would appear that the New York Times is repeatedly siding with the terrorists against our government.

(Oh, and the quote in the headline comes from Ed Morrissey, whoseCaptain's Quarters has provided a useful summary of this issue as well).