Sunday, August 06, 2006

Quotes of the Day (IX)

Two quotes relating to Israeli military operations in southern Lebanon:

-- "The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations."
Article 28, Fourth Geneva Conventions

-- "When peace comes, we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons. But it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons."
Golda Meir

Israel is by no means morally perfect (neither are we, for that matter), but they are morally superior to Hezbollah and Hamas. Whereas Israel issues apologies and conducts inquiries (and when justified, courts martial) for unintended civilian deaths, the terrorists and their supporters celebrate the intentional murder of Israeli civilians.

To illustrate, the pictures below were taken on Sept. 23, 2001, at an exhibition at Al Najah University in the West Bank town of Nablus, to mark the one year anniversary of the start of the Second Intifadah. Israelis and the Palestinians. The exhibit on the suicide bombing, replete with body parts and pizza slices strewn across the room, is a replica of the Aug. 9 Sbarro suicide bombing which killed 15 Israelis and the bomber in Jerusalem. To me, these photos say everything about which side we should be supporting in this conflict.