Monday, November 20, 2006

Very Sad News

I was sitting in on a radio interview today with my new boss, Major General Bill Caldwell (Spokesman for MNF-I), when to illustrate the heroism and sacrifice of our young soldiers here in Iraq, he cited the example of 1LT Michael Cerrone, who was killed by an IED outside Samarra last week. I froze upon hearing the news, as I realized that 1LT Cerrone's father, Brigadier General James Cerrone, was my first battalion commander when I arrived at the 82nd Airborne back in 1996.

I met Michael at several battalion "Hail and Farewell"s, and although I can't say I knew him well, I remember he seemed strangely well-possessed for a 15-year old. This is likely because his parents, BG (then LTC) Cerrone and his wife Betty were such wonderful people and impressive parents. I knew officers in the Redleg (artillery, for non-military types) community, both before and after serving under Jim Cerrone, who praised them to no end. My heart absolutely breaks for them with the news of this tragedy and their loss.

I don't have any doubts about the justness of our cause here in Iraq. But there is no denying that sometimes this war really sucks.