Friday, January 05, 2007

The Jamil Hussein Saga, cont.

I missed this item from a few days ago.

Eason Jordan writes:

If an Iraqi police captain by the name of Jamil Hussein exists, there is no convincing evidence of it. . . .In the absence of clear and compelling evidence to corroborate the AP's exclusive story and Captain Hussein's existence, we must conclude for now that the AP's reporting in this case was flawed.

To make matters worse, Captain Jamil Hussein was a key named source in more than 60 AP stories on at least 25 supposed violent incidents over eight months.

Until this controversy is resolved, every one of those AP reports is tainted.

If even Eason Jordan is piling on a mainstream media giant like AP, you know they've really gone over the line!

No wonder a majority of Americans believe media coverage of Iraq is inaccurate. (Hat tip: Don Surber)