Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Reads

Three stories that caught my eye today.

First, Christopher Hitchens effectively eviscerates Frank Rich's book on the Bush administration and Iraq in the new Claremont Review of Books. Of course, this is the intellectual equivalent of Mike Tyson knocking out Erkel, but still an interesting deconstruction.

Second, from today's Washington Post, Tom Ricks writes about
General Petraeus' use of officers with PhDs as advisors. (I actually read Petraeus' Princeton dissertation back in 1999 for a paper I was writing in grad school, before anybody really knew who he was). Army Officer PhDs? Great, there goes the neighborhood . . .

Finally, Time writes about watching the Super Bowl from Camp Victory on the other side of Baghdad from the International Zone. To be honest, I didn't watch the game, which was the first Super Bowl I can remember missing. I didn't have any rooting interest between the Bears and Colts, had a busy day ahead, and didn't want to get up at 0230 to watch it. Moreover, Armed Forces Networks does not allow commercials, which is half the fun of any Super Bowl, so what was the point?