Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad News, Good News: Soccer and Chanukkah Edition

BAD NEWS-- Iraq lost to Qatar, 1-0, in the finals of the Asian Games' soccer competition.

GOOD NEWS-- I don't have to dodge celebratory gunfire returning to earth on my way to and from dinner.

BAD NEWS-- There are now literally millions of Iraqis who are depressed, angry, and have been stocking ammunition for the past three days in preparation for today.

GOOD NEWS-- There is actually a celebration taking place tonight for the first night of Chanukkah.

BAD NEWS-- It is on the other side of Baghdad. All things considered, I don't think it is worth taking the chance of a cross-town trip just to get in a few games of Dreidel.

GOOD NEWS-- The .00001% chance that Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Jaish al Mahdi death squads will catch the Chanukkah spirit and take a night off from killing people. THAT would be a real miracle!!!